Citizens for a Better Library

Please vote YES on the referendum on November 6 to dissolve the
Woodstock Public Library District.


The whole Woodstock Town Board is saying they’re willing to support creation of a Municipal Library if the referendum passes.

The Mid-Hudson Library System is saying they’ll welcome our membership as a Municipal Library and will help is to get a new charter if the referendum passes.

This means that a Woodstock Municipal Library will keep the staff, books and all the programs, including the Interlibrary Loan Service from the Mid-Hudson Library System.

The uncertainty around “what happens next?” is over.  With seven days to go until November 6, we can confidently say that YES means a brighter future for the Woodstock Library.


Consider these facts:

  • The new library will cost $5 – $7 million plus.
  • 70% of Woodstockers surveyed said NO NEW BUILDING.  The Library Board is not listening to you.
  • Library trustees wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on expensive proposals we didn’t ask for.
  • Woodstock vs Saugerties Libraries:  Saugerties population is 3X larger, but their budget is LESS than Woodstock’s.
  • ONLY 7% of libraries in NYS have Woodstock’s type of library.